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  1. Production of Textual Materials for Science Teaching
  2. The evolution of the National Policy on Education is by itself not sufficient for the improvement of science education in Nigeria. A good curriculum requires to be backed up by suitable instructional materials and appropriately trained teachers. It is in pursuance of this basic need that STAN has been involved in the production of a series of textbooks for both pupils and teachers based on the curricula for the Primary, Junior Secondary, and Senior Secondary levels of education. The following textbooks have been published to date and they are already in use. These are:
    Books Published by Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Plc, P.M.B. 5202, Ibadan, Tel: 02-2410747/24109431/2412268, Email:

    • STAN Biology for Senior Secondary Schools
    • STAN Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools
    • STAN Physics for Senior Secondary Schools
    • STAN Basic Science for Junior Secondary Schools
    Books Published by University Press Plc, PMB 5095, Ibadan, Tel: 02-2410098; 2412386. Email:
    • STAN Basic Science and Technology Books 1 - 6 with workbooks and teachers guides
    • STAN Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools, Books 1 - 3
    • STAN Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools, Books 1 - 3
    Books Published by Longman Nigeria Plc, PMB 21036, Ikeja, Lagos State, Tel: 01-4978925-9; Fax: 01-4964370. Email:
    • STAN Teachers Handbook
    • STAN Agricultural Science for Junior Secondary Schools, Books 1 - 3
    • STAN Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools
    Books Published by Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Limited, PMB 5164, Ibadan, Tel: 02-2413708, 2414287, 2414394. Email:
    • STAN Home Economics for Junior Secondary Schools, Books 1 - 3 with workbook
      The following titles are being processed for publication:
    • STAN Further Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools
    • STAN Introductory Technology Series - Africana-First Publishers Ltd
    • STAN Primary Mathematics
    • STAN Resource Packs
    • Clothing and Textiles for Senior Secondary Schools
    • Foods and Nutrition for Senior Secondary Schools
    • Home management for Senior Secondary Schools

  3. Publication of Conference Proceedings
  4. Each year, the papers presented at the STAN annual conference are edited by a team of experts and published. These proceedings constitute a good source of information to the science education community. In recent years, these proceedings have been published ahead of the conference and distributed to delegates on arrival at the conference venue.

  5. Publication of STAN Journal
  6. One of the functions of STAN is to compile and publish or sponsor the publication of the results of science education research and to popularise such results when their general recognition is of great national importance. In pursuance of this, STAN has a Journal published twice in a year called the Journal of Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (JSTAN). The purpose of the Journal is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information on relevant research projects and to encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences. This journal enjoys a wide readership and recognition. Its publication started in 1964.

  7. Publication of STAN Bulletin
  8. The STAN Bulletin is published twice a year in June and December. It is specially tailored to meet the needs of classroom teachers at all levels of education: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The bulletin contains mainly teaching notes, new techniques of science teaching as well as science, technology, and mathematics (STM) news. Publication started in 1984.

  9. Publication of the Newsletter
  10. The STAN newsletter is a quarterly publication that disseminates news to members of events happening within and outside the country. Its publication in present format started in 1994.

  11. Position paper
  12. Research studies conducted by the Association include the following which have all been published:

    • The History of STAN
    • Position Paper 1 - What is Science?
    • Position Paper 2 - Women in Science, Technology, and Mathematics
    • Position Paper 3 - School-Industry Link
    • Position Paper 4 - Raising the standard of performance in public examinations in science, technology, and mathematics
    • Position Paper 5 - Humanism and the Science Curriculum
    • Position Paper 6 - Combating the Menace of Examination Malpractice in Nigeria

  13. Overview of STAN
  14. History of STAN

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